We want your input!

The biggest barrier for ICS is how to tell their message clearly and tangibly while maintaining the esoteric and high-concept language that is fundamental to the thought and innovation needed to offer these services. As we all understand, this is a very detailed process. There are circumstances that require us to generate or rephrase content which requires a clear and thorough understanding of what it is you at ICS want to say and tell.

The new brand platform is designed to exist without room for “extra”. There is no miscellaneous section of the brand where we can just put elements of the brand that don’t really fit. We are accommodating everything. In order for a brand development platform to be successful all elements need to tie together seamlessly. Our process so far has been to do just that–analyze the printed materials, flyers, brochures, website content (from all sites), and brands to unify everything into a single structure. With that in mind, we’d like to extend an offer to those at ICS that would like to contribute thoughts, content, messaging, or ideas for consideration and inclusion within the new brand platform that we are presenting.

We look forward to your contribution.

ICS Brand Development Input