The goal of every client engagement is to find the perfect design or marketing solutions. Such solutions cannot be discovered without clear and complete understanding of our client’s needs, industry, consumers, and differentiating characteristics.


Concepts, ideas, solutions.  True Creative works with clients to find their unique aspects and uses them to craft compelling messaging, visuals, and designs to meet their marketing goals. True performance is maximized when a strong idea is driving it.


Quality graphic design is a commodity. In an world where poor design is everywhere and the software and tools readily available to anyone, the need for trained, seasoned designers is more important than ever. True Creative brings nothing less than the best design talent to every project.


Investing in an integrated marketing campaign is meaningless without actionable information reporting successes, failures, and returns on investment. True Creative operates with complete transparency. We understand the volatility of the digital world and work hard to keep all clients informed through every campaign.

Customized Integrated Design and Marketing Process

True Creative is a truly fully integrated marketing agency in the Ithaca region. Many agencies propose an integrated design and marketing process and offer to coordinate and deliver these services, but they send the work out to other companies to complete the work. When selecting an agency for your integrated design and marketing work, it’s important to select an agency that can manage everything, in one place, for a fair and honest price. That’s what we do at True Creative.

True Creative brings marketing & design together to offer truly integrated design and marketing services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. From small individual marketing channel services to large multi-channel year-long campaigns, True Creative brings precision, strategy, sophistication, and quality to every tactic, design, and campaign.

We understand design and we understand marketing, but it’s how the two work together that truly affect change for your business.

Research & Familiarize

The True Creative Integrated Design and Marketing Process begins with research. We strive to understand every aspect and characteristic that makes our client unique, in order to build the best concepts and marketing services to fit their needs.

Ideate & Strategize

Concepts and strategies are critical to making the creative execution process successful. True Creative brings powerful ideas, integrated marketing strategies, and tailored services to every client engagement.

Design & Implement

Your design solutions should be innovative, unique, and stunning. True Creative creates quality graphic design for all mediums: print, web, digital, video, or animation, and provides clients with recommendations to implement designs across integrated marketing channels to drive traffic, increase leads, and promote awareness.

Reflect & Report

Implementing and investing in an Integrated Marketing Communications plan is pointless without clear reporting, transparent analytics, and actionable information. True Creative executes every marketing plan with clear data insights to direct changes, recommendations, and consistently improve the performance of client campaigns.

What we bring

Working with True Creative is more than receiving a design product or marketing services, it’s building a relationship. We’re invested in our solving our client’s problems and maximizing their successes.

We are experts

We are designers, marketing experts, writers, photographers, social media strategists, video editing staff and all-around good people.

Maximizing Potential

We bring conceptual campaign ideas, creative design, marketing, and data together to maximize the potential of all of them.

We’re collaborative consultants

We’re collaborative. We’re your consultants and we will provide you with our recommendations, ideas, and goals, but we’re also there to work with you each step of the way.