Campaign Strategy

True Creative stands by it’s promise to be a fully integrated marketing and design agency. We don’t set a campaign up, place the ads, then leave for another project—we’re invested in the campaign’s success and manage it’s performance. True Creative is ready to build your campaigns!

Truly Integrated Marketing Campaign Strategy

There are many marketing channels available to consumers to drive campaign traffic. True Creative focuses on ensuring that all marketing channels and tactics are intentional, valuable, and integral. Marketing budgets are often strained to yield the best performance for the lowest investment. We review your marketing calendar, develop strategies for every placement to maximize the use of your budget, and provide monthly reports for complete client transparency.

True Creative recognizes that real marketing success comes from consistent, diligent marketing management. True Creative will provide monthly marketing campaign management services that will ensure all marketing tactics (advertisements, campaigns, and data analytics) are organized and collected into a campaign management system.

Marketing Evaluation

True Creative will fully evaluate all marketing tactics currently being implemented. Such tactics could include social media ads, email marketing campaigns, promotions, digital ads, PPC ads, campaign landing pages, and more. This evaluation serves as a platform to build upon and a guide for us to provide future marketing recommendations on a monthly basis throughout the year.

Campaign Analysis

Every marketing campaign needs strong messaging, a compelling design, and a clean execution. However, this is all meaningless if you are marketing to the wrong audience. True Creative will perform an in-depth audience analysis to develop messaging and further understand how to target your desired audience and how and when to market to them.

Marketing Management

True Creative will prepare a 12-Month Marketing Milestones Calendar which outlines a recommended, but tentative, execution schedule of marketing tactics for the year. The calendar will be anchored around important company calendar events, tradeshows, seasonal campaigns, partnerships, or any other notable dates.

Data Analytics Reporting

True Creative presents all marketing tactics that run for each 30-day period and reports on their performance. Each monthly marketing dashboard will conclude with an overview of tactics planned for the next 30-days. This provides every client with complete performance transparency and provides us the opportunity to recommend and implement campaign changes.

What we bring

Working with True Creative is more than receiving a design product or marketing services, it’s building a relationship.

We’re invested in solving our client’s problems and maximizing their successes.

Understanding of SEM Tools

Management and understanding of SEM tools to provide, monitor, and modify executed campaigns.

We are experts

We are designers, marketing experts, writers, photographers, social media strategists, video editing staff and all-around good people.

Maximizing Potential

We bring conceptual campaign ideas, creative design, marketing, and data together to maximize the potential of all of them.

We’re collaborative consultants

We’re collaborative. We’re your consultants and we will provide you with our recommendations, ideas, and goals, but we’re also there to work with you each step of the way.