logo design and brand strategy

True Creative tackles the root of every marketing or design challenge from a creative and brand perspective first. This focus helps us advise our clients on the critical solutions needed to determine the best overall marketing approach to position them for brand success in the future. Our client’s success is our success. Creating a strong logo design and brand is paramount to positioning your company for the future. The skills and expertise the team at True Creative brings will make this success possible for your organization.

Brand is the principle base for everything moving forward. It will determine your brand voice, brand image, and overall brand identity. Establishing a clear visual brand to be used across all integrated marketing channels is critical to ensure that all tactics are executed correctly. A unified visual brand and brand messaging prepares all future marketing tactics to be cohesive and harmonize with one another.

True Creative in Ithaca, NY is excited to bring comprehensive logo design and brand strategy services to all kinds of businesses. From product logo design to corporate identity programs, True Creative is excited to aid clients in any industry develop high-quality brand identities that prepare them to market and position themselves with the greatest success.

If you’re looking to comprehensive logo design and brand strategy services, please send us a message! We’d be excited to tackle your project.

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your brand, not your brand itself. It is a vital component of the overall brand strategy and one of many critical elements that set the stage for the rest of your marketing and creative materials. Your logo needs to communicate the essence of who your business is, represent it with complete accuracy, and be a flexible, legible, and adaptive enough to conform successfully to all media standards. We can make this happen!

Brand Strategy

Many clients think your brand is your logo, but it’s truly so much more than that. Brand strategy is the pulse of your company. It weaves through everything you do, every communication you send, every interaction and marketing tactic your prospects, customers, and constituents see. True Creative works hard to research–gather as much information as possible about your specialties, competitive difference, values, attributes, and defining qualities that makes your company unique. We then build a brand strategy around that research to give you the tools needed to magnify your brand.