Comprehensive Branding and Website Design Services

True Creative was tasked with the overall brand refresh, website redesign, responsive website development, and copy writing with subsequent SEO implementation for GP Flooring Solutions, a commercial flooring provider located in Rochester, NY. This process began with the establishment of a logo and overall graphic standards refresh, which was then implemented in the design and setup of GP Flooring Solutions’ new website. To further fulfill our client’s service needs, we also assisted in a content copy writing process which yielded written page content on all website pages.

GP Flooring Solutions

Logo and brand refresh, website redesign, Foundational SEO, with a subsequent website redesign.

Client requested the website execution have minimal scrolling on top level pages, with strong use of imagery and color.


Identity Design

Website Design

Content Copywriting


Branding & Graphic Standards

A critical process for this website redesign project was the execution and implementation of a brand development and graphic standards process. This process yielded a imagery style, color palette, and typographic standard that extended across all website pages.

Website Design

The design of the GP Flooring Solutions’ website is unique, specifically to accomodate the direc =t requests from the client. Our client requested minimal scrolling for all top level pages, therefore a custom grid design system was established and developed to accomodate this request. Secondary website pages all share the same template with the secondary color palette as accents.

Responsive Design

Due to the unique grid design of the website, careful responsive design considerations needed to be made for every device and monitor screen size. Each device required careful visual and scale considerations to ensure that typography, writting content, logo, and main navigation are all balanced and functioning appropriately.

Copy writing & Content Generation

In addition to the brand development, website design and development, and responsive design styling, we were also tasked to copywrite and edit website page content for all commerical flooring product and services pages. This content draft was uploaded and delivered to the client to expedite the launch of the website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

As a recommended inclusion with all website projects, we implement a website search engine optimization plan for all page content and website page titles, URLs, images, keywords, and meta description data.

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