Design of Rochester Institute of Technology Vignelli Archive Brochures

The new Vignelli Archives at Rochester Institute of Technology celebrated its opening with a gala event and invited renowned graphic design program alumni from all around the world to the archives. At the event, promotional brochure materials were handed out to summarize and honor the event itself.  

Rochester Institute of Technology Vignelli Archives

Print brochure design and copywriting

Design style needed to emulate the stunning, simplistic style of the Vignellis.

Brochure Design


Brochure Design

Designed as a tri-fold brochures, the design of the brochure for Rochester Institute of Technology’s Vignelli Archives needed to emulate the design style and typographic treatments that Vignelli is known for. The strong stunning red and Helvetica type are just a few of Vignelli iconic characteristics

Copywriting & Content Generation

True Creative was responsible for all written content generation throughout the project.