Hallway Banner Designs for Cornell University

Cornell University’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering had a series of lightboxes in the main hallway that they were going to remove. The suggestion was made to design wall banners using these lightboxes. When the posters were installed promoting the program, electrical system, students, and faculty, a circular light box section served to show the technology chips in actual size. 

Cornell University

Environmental design of hallway banners

Maintaining the Cornell University Brand

Branding Considerations

In all design processes for higher education, it’s critical to maintain brand considerations for color palettes, typography, brand, graphic styles, and imagery. 

Environmental Design

The environmental designs for the posters and vertical hallway banners pose design, specification, and guideline challenges to ensure the design and chief messages from the banners are interpreted. 


The banner design process included graphical illustrations further reinforced the concepts of the school and the individual majors.