Logo Design and Brand Strategy Services for Stand Up Strings

Stand Up Strings is a unique accessory design to transform any electric or bass guitar into an upright instrument to allow for a new play style. The logo design and brand development process included a visual identity, inspired by the color, style, and literal concept of the guitar accessory. The brand development process included the establishment of a unique, energetic, and visually stunning graphic style that would speak to a wide variety of musically-inclined audiences.

Stand Up Strings

Logo design and brand establishment

Visual appeally, energetic, and conceptually easy for audiences to understand.

Product Logo Design

The product logo design successfully represets a complex, unique accessory product for electric and bass guitars. The color choice of a burgundy red directly represents a stunning mahogany wood color common to high-end guitars and the impactful, dramatic typography perfectly adapts to all scale formats.

Brand Development

True Creative was hired to photograph and video the Stand Up Strings product in action live on stage. The photographic and video style yielded from this process inspired a vibrant cyan, magenta, and yellow color palette. Paired with action-focused brand language and typography that is attractive and dynamic.