Logo Design for Keep Rochester

Keep Rochester is a non-profit focused organization operating in Rochester, NY, focused on the collaboration and integration opportunities between those that have the means to give humanitarian goods, and those that need them most within the community. Initially created as a guerilla marketing campaign by two RIT graduates, it has since evolved and inspired other community focused groups to become involved in the community. The new identity design needed to reinforce this concept.

Keep Rochester

Logo Design

Rebranding effort required a new image from initially established guerilla brand identity.

Identity and Brand Development

The original identity design for Keep Rochester was grungy, organic, and had a more graffitti style personality. It was a perfect solution for Keep Rochester’s origins as a guerilla marketing grass-roots effort on the streets of Rochester, NY. However as Keep Rochester evolved, so did it’s services, image, networks, and establishments, and as a result required a more polished, corporate style identity that could attract a more up-standing community audience to volunteer and donate either through financial gifts or by volunteering their time.