Marketing Campaign Concept Generation, Ad Design, and Animation

Throughout 2017, True Creative worked closely with Crown Construction’s team to create thought-provoking ad concepts for digital banners ad placements and social media campaigns that make audiences engage and generated campaign sales. We worked with Crown Construction to create beautiful imagery, typography, and a compelling call-to-action to promote the company’s ability to provide services at any given season.

This campaign was focused on driving sales during the Labor Day promotional marketing period. We designed static and digital formats for a variety of desktop and mobile ad formats, and prepared a 15 second video spot for use as a companion placement with the digital ad campaigns.

Crown Construction

Campaign concept generation, photography, animation

Worked directly with client to help create the concept and overall visual style.

Campaign Concept

Social Media


Digital Animation

Video for Marketing Campaign Promotion

True Creative developed a 15 second video spot as a companion media placement for the digital ads. We were responsible for the advertising messaging, photography, design, and animation of all elements in the spot.

Campaign Concept Generation

True Creative worked closely with the marketing team at Crown Construction to generate the “17% Off Home Remodeling Projects” concept for the ad suite. Client provided all formats and it was our responsibility to format the visuals and messaging across all ad sizes.

Social Media Campaign

True Creative is currently managing all social media campaign management on behalf of Crown Construction. Ongoing social media posts involve general information and industry related information, and campaign promotions are included in all social media postings while the campaigns are running.


True Creative directed and shot all photography for use across multiple marketing tactics, including this ad campaign. In this instance, we used images of a kitchen remodel throughout all banner ad formats and animated image transitions to create visual interest in the video spot.

Animated Banner Advertising

If placements allow, True Creative designs and animates digital banner ads in HTML5 formats (and GIF for mobile formats) for use in all media placements. Animated banners ads offer increased visual appeal and opportunity to hold website visitor’s attention. Static banner ad versions are also provided for all animated ad formats.