Suite of Website Designs Woodhouse Independent Builder

The network of contract builders connected to the Woodhouse Timber Frame Company required a suite of websites to maintain a uniform design style, appearance, gallery, and samples. This process included website design, asset management from contractor to contractor, and content generation for the websites.

Woodhouse Independent Builders

Website Design for Suite of Woodhouse Websites

Maintain uniform graphic styles across suite of websites.


Website Design

Asset Management

Brand Management

Website Design

Overall, the design style from one contractor website to another varies in color and graphic style, however the overall layouts and framework have been maintained across the board.

Asset Management

From one contractor website to another, we were charged with the responsibility of maintaining collections of imagery, graphic and logo, and written content assest to ensure that all websites’ content were organized appropriately.

Content Generation

Part of the website design process for the suite of websites was a content generation process involving copywriting, client review, and editing.